The Limitations of Broadband

As Virgin Media unveil their 50 Megabits per second (Mbps) domestic broadband service today the papers are also reporting on the fact that many UK customers have exceeded or come close to exceeding their broadband usage limit. This is based on a report by consumer group uSwitch.

The report reveals that many users do know actually know their limit and wrongfully believe that their unlimited service means just that.

I’ve mentioned issues with unlimited use before.

Interestingly, I recently conducted an internal survey here at UKOLN on Broadband use that also shows what a confusing area this can be, even for those who would be classified as ‘fairly technical people’! Confusion aside the survey indicated that most people who do a significant amount of work from home use a speed of 8mb +; and almost all have unlimited downloads.

I think here at UKOLN we feel that it would be good to offer more support for staff when choosing a broadband provider. At the moment we are still unclear what form this would take as our remote workers are scattered around the country and everyone has their own requirements.

Maybe we could come up with some tips or pointers to good resources.

Any thoughts?


One thought on “The Limitations of Broadband

  1. Apparently broadband is getting faster though:

    As for your staff you could point them to the online broadband surveys. Or maybe offer an FAQ of things to bear in mind when deciding on a supplier. Problem is things are changing so fast it’s difficult to keep tabs on it. Letting your staff know who everyone else uses is a good idea too.

    Where I work we have a cap on how much we can claim for every month for our broadband each months which means I am a bit stuck and can’t get any of the good providers.

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